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Vertigo and Dizziness

  • 1 h
  • Emerson Avenue

Service Description

Vertigo is a sensation of movement, either of you or the world around you, resulting from a sensory mismatch between your eyes, your inner ear, and feedback from muscles and joints. When this occurs, one or more of your brain's systems to make sense of where you are in space are saying different things. This can be the result of trauma, infection, neurodegeneration, and a host of other circumstances. Vertigo can be extremely debilitating and impact virtually all functions in the world. At the most basic level, if you can't localize yourself in the world, the world becomes a terrifying place. We use advanced neurodiagnostic technology to quantify how every relevant system works, then design a treatment plan to return all of those systems.

Contact Details

  • 101 Emerson Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15215, USA

    (412) 784-1828

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