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Chiropractic Relief For Neck Pain In Pittsburgh 

Neck pain can occur regularly, or it can affect you from time to time. When you have chronic neck pain, you might have trouble driving comfortably and doing other everyday tasks if your symptoms are severe enough. At DeMasi Chiropractic and Wellness, Dr. Mike DeMasi provides chiropractic care for patients in the Pittsburgh, Fox Chapel, Aspinwall, Blawnox, Morningside, and North Hills, Pennsylvania areas who have neck pain.

What are the signs of neck pain?

Neck pain isn’t always the same for all patients. You might experience neck pain as sudden, sharp pain that gets worse with certain movements. This type of pain can come and go for several days, weeks, or even months. Neck pain can also occur as a milder ache that persists on a regular basis, which will get worse when you try to turn your head. Other symptoms that you might have with neck pain include mild to severe headaches, muscle spasms, and a stiff neck.


Why do patients get neck pain?

Neck pain can develop for a number of reasons. You can end up with neck pain from holding your neck at the same angle for hours at a time at work or home while staring at a laptop, phone, or computer screen. That strains the muscles in your neck, which can cause ongoing discomfort. You can also have neck pain that’s related to a health condition you have, such as arthritis. Injuries that affect your neck or spine, such as whiplash and disc herniation, can also result in neck pain. Dr. DeMasi will assess your condition to find the cause.

How does Dr. DeMasi diagnose neck pain?

Dr. DeMasi evaluates neck pain by doing a physical exam and ordering imaging tests when they’re needed. The exam involves checking how much pain you have, how far you can turn your head without pain, and where the pain is coming from. If Dr. DeMasi needs more information, he’ll order X-rays or other imaging tests that will show your neck and upper spine in greater detail. These tests help Dr. DeMasi determine what’s causing pain to occur.


How does Dr. DeMasi treat neck pain?

Dr. DeMasi offers chiropractic care for neck pain, which has some important advantages over treatments. Prescription pain medications carry the risk of dependence, while nonprescription pain medications only provide short-term pain relief. Surgical procedures can relieve pain, but they come with potentially serious risks, such as infections.

Chiropractic care provides neck pain relief without putting you at risk. This care involves adjusting your upper spine to ease the pain or tension.

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