Sports Injuries

Sports injuries can cause ongoing pain that keeps you from being able to engage in your usual sporting or athletic activities. These injuries can also limit your range of motion, making it difficult for you to do daily tasks. At DeMasi Chiropractic and Wellness, Dr. Mike DeMasi provides chiropractic care for sports injuries in the the Pittsburgh, Fox Chapel, Aspinwall, Blawnox, Morningside, and North Hills, Pennsylvania areas.

Sports Injuries Q & A

DeMasi Chiropractic and Wellness

Which sports injuries are common?

When you play sports, several possible injuries can occur. Some of the most common ones include sprained ankles, tendonitis, tennis elbow, back pain, and runner’s knee. Pain in the shoulders and neck are also common. You might have acute pain that occurs suddenly, or you might have chronic pain that lasts for years after your initial injury. Acute sports injuries usually cause swelling and pain that shows up right away, while chronic sports injuries might cause pain that becomes worse, especially with certain activities.

How do sports injuries occur?

Sports injuries can occur from collisions on the field, wear and tear that happens gradually, or damage that happens from sudden movements, such as turns or pivots. You’re more likely to have a sports injury from colliding with another player or a piece of equipment when you play rough contact sports.

Damage from sudden movements can occur when you play sports such as basketball. Wear and tear over the years makes your joints more vulnerable to muscle and ligaments tears or strains. Dr. DeMasi will do an exam and take imaging tests if needed to find out what kind of injury you have.

How does Dr. DeMasi diagnose sports injuries?

Dr. DeMasi does a thorough physical exam to see how severe your sports injury is and how limited your range of motion is. He also checks for possible damage to surrounding parts of your body during these exams. He might order imaging tests, such as X-rays, if he needs a clearer view of the affected part of your body.

How does Dr. DeMasi treat sports injuries?

Your treatment depends on the type of sports injury you have. Dr. DeMasi will let you know which treatment plan will work best for you based on the severity and type of injury you have. Dr. DeMasi provides chiropractic care that can help relieve tension in the nerves and muscles in the affected area. That can provide you with relief from pain associated with a sports injury. These chiropractic adjustments realign the bones in the injured area, which also helps promote the healing process.

For more information on sports injuries, please contact DeMasi Chiropractic and Wellness to make an appointment.


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